Who We Are

Who Are We?

THOUB is a multi-national registered trademark headquartered in the State of Kuwait, and the headquarters of its operations in the State of Yemen. 

THOUB works in the field of producing and marketing the rarest types of fine Yemeni honey, as it raises bees in a pure natural environment in Hadramout in Yemen between the mountains, valleys and areas of the rarest types Flowers in the world Let us then extract the purest types of virgin natural honey, and produce the luxurious royal honey.

Why Yemeni honey, and no other?

Laboratory studies in the most prominent laboratories in both Europe and the USA have shown results confirming that the Yemeni honey in general, the Hadhrami in particular, is the most acceptable kind of honey in the whole world. Its uniqueness is recognized through its qualities and unmatched abilities to cure diseases. The reason behind that is the nature of the land in which it's produced. It is rich with natural elements and a specific type of trees where bees feed.

What's different about us?

Our excellence stems from endless efforts and extensive scientific and field studies. Under the supervision of the best experts in Kuwait and Yemen, our honey is produced by a dedicated team to achieve a shared vision, loft goals and highlight the authentic Yemeni taste of the cultural inheritance. We choose the finest kinds of Yemeni honey from the richest natural element lands. We hold high standards in line with international ones, yet our packaging and storing methods is more secure idealistic. We make sure that you get the product in its exact natural conditions, bearing all its qualities.