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Samra Honey

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Samra Honey

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Samar Honey (Sumar)

It called Samrah as well. Pure and rich with a taste of dark sweetness, Sumar honey will satiate your sweet tooth with its mild sweetness and bring a touch of satisfaction to your tongue.

Let yourself be swept away by the velvety and heavenly sensation. It's rich in both aroma and color, with an unmistakable smooth taste. Experience wonders from an old land brought to you in small bottles of paradise.

What Makes Samar Honey So Great - Benefits?

  • Great Taste:

You'll notice great things about our honey right away, but beware! It may take your taste buds by storm. Made from nectar derived from an old living Sumar tree (Acacia thistle tree Family) that is widespread in Doan Valley, it has a dark black, reddish color, and it tastes delicious with mild sweetness.

  • Premium Quality:

Samra honey pushes past the boundaries of ordinary honey and sets a gold standard for quality. Our exclusive, proprietary process preserves the nutritional benefits of fresh honey without the use of heat, filtration, or chemicals, so you can get the very best.

  • An Effective Detox:

Enjoy all the amazing health benefits of this natural honey that is considered a detoxifier and one of the most effective antibacterial substances. Moreover, it solves stomach problems such as acidity, weak digestion, eliminates Helicobacter, treats skin diseases including eczema, wounds, boils, etc. and strengthens immunity to allow you to live a healthy life.

  • A Great Gift:

Looking for an ideal gift? You can't go wrong with this, honey. Featuring great flavor and packaged in a sophisticated jar, this product will surely delight any palate!

If you've ever experienced Samra, then you know that this is not just honey; it's the antidote to your discomfort. In addition to fighting Phlegm, it is also useful for difficult childbirths and to produce milk during lactation. Our natural love retains all its health benefits and natural goodness that can be added to food and your skin and hair!

Enough with the artificial, sit back, and enjoy nature's sweetest gift to the world. Order Yours Today!